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Precision Analysis is a full service Hydrocarbon and Environmental Laboratory. We provide industry leading analytical testing services and field services. Our laboratory services include testing oil, gas, water, soil and solids. Precision Analysis offers all of these services with the highest quality in the industry. We follow the GPA, API, ASTM or EPA methods closely for all of our laboratory and field testing. When our customer’s pay for analytical data, we want to provide the most accurate data possible. That is what we strive for every day.

We are Fast.

Our accredited and certified oil, gas, water, and soil laboratories provide the fasted turnaround in the U.S. With Precision Analysis, you can go forward with your projects and not be held back by waiting for test results. All test reports can be formatted to your specifications for direct import into FloCal or other purposes.

We are Flexible.

We have ACS certified Chemists on staff, along with a full Research and Development Department to develop and customize testing methods to meet your specific needs. We also bundle testing options to provide you with better pricing.

We are Responsive.

We understand the importance of Customer Service. If you have a rush project, we will mobilize our team to meet your needs. You no longer have to wonder about the status of your project or when you will receive your reports.
Your Project Manager will manage every aspect of your project, provide you with reporting due dates and keep you updated on the progress from start to finish. Experience a new level of Customer Service.

We are Accurate.

You can be confident in your test results as we are NELAP accredited, oil and gas testing audited, and EPA certified. We are cutting edge in our oil testing and leaders in our industry. In the state of Colorado we were the only oil testing laboratory that could meet EPA criteria for correct oil testing. This gives you peace of mind, knowing you’re receiving the most accurate testing analysis and report data available.

More Convenient

Our conveniently located labs and drop off locations are great but for even greater convenience and speed we take the lab to the field with our on-site oil, natural gas, water, and engine emissions testing.

Laboratory Services

  • Oil Testing
  • Flash Liberation Studies
  • Natural Gas Testing (On-Site & Lab)
  • Water Testing
  • Soil Testing

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Laboratory Services

Chain of Custody

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Flash Liberation Studies

Download Physical Oil Flash Testing

Precision Hydrocarbon Audit Report

Precision Hydrocarbon Audit Report

Download Precision Hydrocarbon Audit Report

Trained Lab Technicians

Precision Analysis lab technicians attend simulation training to learn how to maintain quality while decreasing report turnaround time. Our goal is to get you quality data faster than anything you have experienced in the past with other labs.

We do it all. We do it everywhere. We do it fast.

Precision Analysis is your One-Stop-Shop. Call Precision Analysis for all your Laboratory and On-Site testing and measurement needs.

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NELAP Accredited

NELAP Accredited

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NELAP Accredited