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Flash Liberation Studies

We have saved producers Millions of dollars by reducing their measurement margin of error to less than 1% through oil flash liberation studies. We provide you real numbers that you can trust. We show exactly how your well stream fluids flash at surface production equipment. No Estimating, No Simulating, No Guessing!

Our flash liberation system is set to the conditions that the sample was taken at. The sample is taken through our flash equilibrium separator and physically measured. The measurements are recorded and the calculations are compiled into your report. We also perform flash testing on pressurized separator water.

Our Flash Liberation Studies Will Provide You With The Following:

  • Gas Oil Ratio / Flash Factor / Site Specific Emissions Factor
  • Separator Volume Factor
  • Shrinkage Recovery Factor
  • Stock Tank Oil API Gravity
  • Stock Tank Oil Reid Vapor Pressure
  • C11+ Gas Analysis
  • Gas Water Ratio (Water)

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For More Information Regarding Flash Liberation Studies, Please Contact:

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