EPA M-22 Flare Testing Regulations


Meet EPA M-22 Flare Testing Regulations

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What is EPA M-22 Flare Testing?

  • EPA M-22 Flare Testing is a simple procedure that uses the human eye to determine the total time an
    industrial activity causes visible emissions.
  • Fugitive emissions are non-stack emissions that escape during material transfer, from
    buildings that contain the process, or directly from process equipment. Some examples
    include dust from unpaved roads; dust from grinding, crushing and sandblasting
    operations; and dry material loading or unloading.
  • Some emission standards require that you minimize any visible emissions from your
    process. EPA M-22 Flare Testing is one method used to make sure the process and any emission
    control equipment are operating properly and are not generating excess emissions.
  • EPA M-22 Flare Testing can also be used for visible emissions from stationary sources such as smoke
    stacks if there is such a requirement in the applicable emission standard.

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